Add a Charm

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Disc Size

  • Add a disc to a previous purchase or to an order that includes a necklace/bracelet

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Charms cannot be purchased as a single item.

  • If you purchase the charm add on and do not have a bracelet or necklace included in your order, please include your previous order number in the notes to designer (or provide the name of the person who placed the previous order). 

  • Finish options are highlighted in Photo #2

  • Font references are shown in photo #3

  • Disc size references are shown in photo #4

We believe in the value of handmade 

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Due to the custom nature of my pieces, customers often have questions or special requests prior to placing an order.

To contact me, please fill in the contact form here and I will reply promptly. If your question is about a specific piece, please include the link in your message.

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