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Q: Will the letters on my keepsake be perfectly straight?

A: All pieces are hand stamped into the metal using individual steel alphabet stamps and as such, slight variances will occur in spacing and depth of letters - particularly those pieces that are hammered after stamping. Please allow for slight variances from what is shown in the made to order photos.

Q: I see a piece listed in sterling silver, but I'd like it in yellow or pink gold instead. Is is possible to get it made in another metal?

A: Yes! Any item listed in my shop can be made in silver or gold fill. Feel free to contact me to begin the process of making your custom piece.

Q: What Materials do you use?

A: I want to ensure each piece has a lovely, quality look and feel that my customers will be happy to wear for years to come.

The metals used in my pieces are 925 sterling silver and 14k gold fill.

A little more about gold fill:

-Gold fill is NOT gold plated.
-Gold fill has the same look and feel as solid gold.
-Gold fill is brass or copper, covered by layers of karat gold in a mechanical bonding process. 
-Gold fill is much more valuable and tarnish resistant than gold plated. 
-Gold fill does not flake off, rub off or turn colors. 
-Anyone who can wear gold, can wear gold filled without worry of allergic reaction. 
-Gold fill will last as long as 14K solid gold.

STONES - I source semi-precious and natural stones in our pieces. This is a deliberate design choice, as natural stones vary in size, color, shape - each different, like the people they represent. 

PEARLS - Pearls used in all designs are freshwater - not glass. 

Q: How Do I care for my jewelry?

A: When exposed to air, sterling silver may develop tarnish over time (a darkening of the metal). This tarnish is easily removed regularly by using sterling silver polish pads or cloths (can be purchased at any major department store). Store in a soft cloth bag or airtight plastic bag to slow the tarnish process of silver. Gold filled pieces will not tarnish.

A soft, lint-free cloth not embedded with harsh abrasives may be used to maintain the silver's lustre.

Handle gently and never use baking soda or toothpaste to clean as these may scratch the surface.

Do not immerse in chlorine water (pools), salt water or expose to chemicals and cleaning products, particularly bleach.

All metals, pearls and natural stones are sensitive to skin products; removing your jewelry prior to putting on creams/lotions/sunblock is always a good idea.

Q: Can you make something that I don't see on your site?

A: I love custom requests. Contact me to begin the process of creating your ideal piece of jewelry or special gift.

Still have a question you don't see here? I'd love to Chat: Contact me here.

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