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The Piccola Jewelry Story

- About Us -

I'm Chandra, the owner, designer and maker behind Piccola Jewelry. My journey creating personalized, hand stamped jewelry began in 2010, as a creative outlet. As Piccola Jewelry grew, so did my love of using precious metals and natural birthstones to allow you to keep your loved ones close; even when you are apart. 

Piccola Jewelry About

-  Piccola Jewelry Beliefs - 

We believe that everyone has a unique story. Your stories are filled with cherished moments and people that define your journey through life: children, parents, grandparents, spouses, siblings, lifelong friends. I love to create jewelry that enables you to proudly wear the details of your story.

We believe in the value of handmade. The beauty of life comes in differences. Because I make each piece by hand using natural materials, no two personalized Piccola Jewelry pieces are the same; like the unique people they represent. Your keepsake is personalized by embedding each letter and number individually in the metal using a hammer and steel alphabet stamps in my Fall River, Nova Scotia workshop. My pieces reflect the natural organic warmth and beauty that comes from a truly handmade piece.

Piccola Jewelry Workshop

We believe in transparent, responsible business practices. When you purchase from Piccola Jewelry, you are supporting a small, family business; production is not outsourced to a faceless entity. Each piece is made ethically by me, and waste metals are recycled.

We believe in quality. By using quality materials, like sterling silver, gold fill and semi-precious natural stones, I can send each package with confidence that my customers will love their keepsake for years to come. I am discriminating about final product - if a completed piece does not meet my standard, it is recycled.

Proudly wear your unique story.
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