October 01, 2016 1 min read

October is here!

I am definitely enjoying long walks on crisp days with the strong scent of pine in the neighborhood. As the leaves start to change, my thoughts are drawn to the upcoming Holidays...

I've been ordering supplies to ensure a good stock for the busy season and thinking of my Christmas shopping. I know, I know - many people don't like to think about Christmas too soon, but I find being prepared early helps me enjoy the season without the added stress of last minute "to-dos".

There are some great personalized gift ideas for mothers and grandmothers in our Tree of Life collection (click hereto view). Wouldn't it be nice to cross one person off your list early?


The birthstones that represent October are tourmaline and opal. I prefer not to use opals, as they are super soft and crack easily. I've received a number of requests recently for stones that are not pink - I'm listening! I'll be adding green/aqua shaded tourmaline to my stock of natural stones soon! If you're looking for unique personalized birthstone jewelry, check out our birthstone collection here.

Happy Fall, Y'all!